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IMC MENTORING PROGRAM Choose Your Own Journey!

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IMC Australia is pleased to offer a Mentoring program for:

  • Those new to consulting
  • Those wishing to accelerate their journey to CMC
  • Those wishing to undertake personal and professional development in a bespoke and individualised framework
  • All participants in the Management Consulting Foundations Program will have access to an IMC mentor of their choice for a free 30-minute mentoring session


It is well known that those who choose to be mentored achieve their goals faster and with more confidence. For those seeking to undertake an intensive personal development program and to source assistance in managing and growing their consulting businesses, the IMC Mentoring Program is for you!

The IMC Mentoring Program is available to all members and others who wish to develop these capabilities:

  • Consulting skills
  • Professional skills in a consulting environment
  • Consulting business management
  • Consulting business development
  • Leadership and Communication skills
  • Personal development and growth

The purpose of the IMC’s Mentoring Program is to encourage and support program participants in their personal and professional growth as management consultants. Mentoring will complement other IMC programs including the CMC Program, by providing guidance to consultants, both new and developing, from experienced Certified Management Consultants. Participants in the IMC Management Consulting Foundations will be able to access a free 30 minute mentoring session with the IMC mentor of their choice as part of the program. Program participants are responsible for designing their own mentoring adventure, choosing their development needs and their development journey, and working with their Mentor to progress their own development.

The IMC is offering to help members new to consulting to sign up with a consulting veteran of many years standing to embark on a mentoring journey.

Mentors are drawn from the CMC cohort, and all are very experienced consultants with extensive business management skills. Current mentors are:

Peter Westlund – Perth WA

Jenifer Frederick – Canberra ACT

Stephen Wood – Melbourne VIC

Steve Ibbotson – Adelaide SA

Roger Daventry – Perth WA – face to face only

Mentoring sessions (30 minutes each) can be booked by contacting Sessions can be booked either as a one-off event, or in blocks as follows:

Number of Sessions booked at one time Duration Price (Inc. GST) Price (Inc. GST) per session
1 session only30 minutes$500.00$500.00
2 sessions60 minutes$950.00$475.00
4 sessions120 minutes$1800.00$450.00
6 sessions180 minutes$2550.00$425.00

In the email to , participants will need to nominate

  • How many sessions they are booking, and
  • Which mentor they want to choose.

An invoice will be issued by the IMC, and upon payment, a virtual introduction will be arranged with their IMC Mentor of choice.

After that, the mentor and mentee will make their arrangements to meet for the number of booked sessions.

You and your mentor will plan your meetings (face to face or online as you choose) and the agendas, to help you focus on what is important, and to build a plan of actions and learnings which will help you get there safely, but much faster and more easily than if you were to take a solo journey. Your mentor may ask you to provide a CV and LinkedIn profile, as well as a short summary of your expectations about what you want the mentoring session to achieve.

All participants in the Management Consulting Foundations Program will be able to arrange one free 30-minute session with the IMC mentor of their choice, as part of this program.