IMC Mentoring Program

IMC MENTORING PROGRAM Choose Your Own Journey!

For those seeking to undertake an intensive personal development program and to source assistance in
managing and growing their consulting businesses, the IMC Mentoring Program is for you!

The IMC Mentoring Program is available to all members and others who wish to develop some or all of

  • Consulting skills
  • Professional skills in a consulting environment
  • Consulting business management and business development
  • Leadership and Communication skills
  • Personal development and growth

The purpose of the IMC’s mentoring program is to encourage and support program participants in their
personal and professional growth as management consultants. Mentoring will complement other IMC
programs including the CMC Program, by providing guidance to consultants, both new and developing,
from experienced Certified Management Consultants.

Program participants are responsible for designing their own mentoring adventure, choosing their development needs and their development journey, and working with their Mentor to progress their own development.

Mentors are drawn from the CMC cohort, and all are very experienced consultants with extensive business
management skills.

To begin the program we have a choice of four highly skilled mentors.

  1. Christine Cox FIMC CMC
  2. Steve Ibbotson FIMC CMC
  3. Peter Westlund FIMC CMC
  4. Stephen Wood FIMC CMC

Other CMCs may volunteer to join the program as Mentors by contacting Jenifer Frederick, the Mentoring Program Coordinator.

The IMC Mentoring Program will be based on a total of 5 hours of contact time, e.g. 10x half hour mentoring
sessions, the timing of which will be negotiated between the Mentor and Mentees.  The Program will be
completed within a 12-month period from commencement of the agreement.

Fees are $4,400 inclusive of GST per program for IMC members, and $5,500 inclusive of GST per program for
participants who are not IMC members. Fees are not refundable.

Feedback on the program from both Mentors and Mentees will be sought at the conclusion of the first year of the
program. The Mentoring Program, including fees, will be reviewed by the Board annually.

All feedback will be confidential.

To register for this exciting new Program, please email