Mission and strategy

IMC Strategic Plan

Our Vision

The IMC is a vibrant, sustainable, and collaborative community of management consultants committed to the highest professional standards of competency.

Our Mission

The IMC:

  • Promotes excellence and integrity in the management consulting profession.
  • Operates as the peak professional organisation for management consultants.
  • Self-regulates a code of ethics and professional conduct for its members.
  • Applies the CMC Competence Framework to improve the skills and knowledge of management consultants.
  • Advocates for the recognition and advancement of members and the profession.
  • Assesses and certifies management consultants.
  • Supports members in professional practice.

Our Strategic Initiatives for 2023-2024

  1. Resizing supporting systems to reduce dependence on support providers by improving processes to reduce costs.
  2. Designing a Learning and Development Program based on the CMC Competence Framework.
  3. Raising the profile of the Institute through advocacy, thought leadership and critical messaging.