Mission and strategy

IMC Strategic Plan

Our Vision

IMC is recognised as the professional institute representing the management consulting profession and its members.

Our Mission

To promote excellence and standards in the management consulting profession and to improve the knowledge and skill of management consultants.

Our Critical Success Factors

  • Increase the value of membership
  • Increase awareness of IMC by all, particularly those who engage management consulting profession
  • Increase member retention and membership growth
  • Ensure organisational sustainability through a contemporary governance and operational model
  • Increase in number of CMC certification
  • Provision of high- quality events and professional development
  • Increase ongoing member engagement through newsletters, webinars, and social media
  • Promote the management consulting profession

Our Strategic Objectives

  1. Re-position and promote the value proposition of IMC membership with a focus on strengthening the professionalism of members and their businesses
  2. Strengthen on-line engagement with members and build the IMC community through other than face-to face events
  3. Strengthen member and potential member experience in interacting with IMC through web-site and social media
  4. Deliver high quality, face-to-face events and professional development to members and potential members
  5. Build a sustainable and diversified revenue base and manage costs to enable re-investment in IMC
  6. Promote IMC and the Management Consulting Profession to external stakeholders
  7. Build IMC sustainability in its governance and operations