Terms & conditions


This document provides information regarding the direct debiting of your account / credit card. By electronically agreeing to a Direct Debit Request (“DDR”) you have authorised the Institute of Management Consultants Ltd (IMC) to arrange for funds to be debited from your nominated account / credit card. You should refer to the direct debit request and this agreement for the terms of the arrangement between you and us.

Debiting Your Account

The IMC shall debit an amount as required to meet the IMC membership fee schedule. Monthly direct debits are transacted every calendar month. Annual direct debits are transacted in the first month of the financial year. If the due date for the payment falls on a public holiday, the payment will be processed
on the next business day.

If a direct debit / credit card charge is scheduled to be made from the account specified in the DDR on a day other than a business day, that direct debit will be made on the next business day. If you are uncertain about when a direct debit will be processed, you should check with your financial institution. A ‘business day’ is a day on which banks and financial institutions are generally open for business in Melbourne.

Changes by us

IMC may vary any details of this agreement at any time by giving you at least fourteen (14) days notice. This notice may be by email, newsletter or website.

Changes by you

To stop, defer or vary your direct debits you must give IMC at least fourteen (14) days written notice.

Notice can be given by:
Email – imc@imc.org.au
Post – Suite 999, 45 Glenferrie Road, Malvern
VIC 3144

Your Obligations

Membership renewals are entered into for a 12 month period.  Any changes to / or failure to pay a direct debit arrangement does not release a member from the obligation to pay the outstanding balance of their membership.

Not all accounts / credit cards are available for direct debiting through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System. If you are in any doubt, you should check with your Financial Institution before completing the direct debit request.

You should also check that the account details specified in the DDR are correct (for example, by comparing them with a recent statement from your financial institution or checking these directly with your financial institution).

It is your responsibility to ensure suffient cleared funds are in the nominated account, by the due date, to cover the direct debit / credit card . If your direct debit fails for any reason an attempt will be made to contact you for further instructions. However, if we cannot contact you, your method of payment will be changed to invoicing until otherwise advised.
In the event that you do not have sufficient cleared funds and a debit to your account is returned unpaid, you will be notified that your
payment has been returned and we will reinitiate the debit without additional fees.

The IMC may be charged a fee if the direct debit fails. This may be passed onto you.


If you believe that there has been an error in debiting your account, you should contact IMC in the first instance to confirm the details, so that we can investigate the matter and advise you in writing whether your account has been incorrectly or correctly debited. You can also contact your financial institution.


We will keep your details, the details of the account and any underlying subject matter specified in the DDR (including any “Personal Information” (as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth))) confidential except where: (a) it is required for the purposes of conducting direct debits (for example. we may need to provide this information to our financial partner in connection with a claim made on the financial partner relating to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit); or (b) we receive your permission to release those details; or (c) we are required to disclose such details by Law.