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Definition of Management Consulting

The IMC has brought togther a range of views as to what management consulting is.

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Management Consultants assist clients and organisations to successfully implement solutions aimed at improving organisational performance through the provision of sound, independent and objective advice.

Management Consulting[1] is a strategic advisory service to an organisation (whether public, private or non-profit) regarding management problems, challenges and opportunities, and which incorporates these aspects of professional practice:

* An independent orientation; providing advice with objectivity and within the bounds of ethical behaviour.

* Specialist training and qualifications resulting in expertise in multi-disciplinary management functions and issues, and an overall breadth of knowledge across functional management areas.

* Skills in problem identification with the ability to apply diagnostic and analytic skills using relevant tools and techniques.

* Skills in problem and issue resolution with the ability to apply creativity and analytic skills using relevant tools and techniques.

* Ability to create value, promote change[2], maximise growth and improve performance through the application of their knowledge, techniques and assets to provide objective advice, expertise and specialist skills which the organisation may be lacking[3].

* Ability to assist clients to successfully implement solutions through the provision of advice and proposing solutions, by taking into account actions or by producing deliverables or outputs[4].

This definition[5] includes, but is not limited to, sole-trader, company, corporation, firm, enterprise, authority, partnership, association, charity or institution or part or combination thereof, whether incorporated or not, public or private, and those who work as internal consultants in an organisation or government body whose primary purpose is not management consultancy.


Typical management consulting assignments include:

* Reviewing an organisation's corporate objectives.

* Reviewing an organisation's structure and staffing.

* Appraising, selecting, and determining the remuneration structure for executives.

* Improving revenue and profitability.

* Increasing cost effectiveness.

* Introducing new or better management techniques such as IT, personnel incentives, asset management.

* Planning and controlling the execution of projects which are outside the normal experience of the organisation's staff.


Management consultants offer a range of qualities which are valuable to owners, leaders and managers. Consultants usually specialise in identified areas of business, such as strategy, and/or practice in specific industries, such as, but not limited to, food processing, utilities, tourism, mining and government.

[1] Based on Book of Knowledge p7, paraphrased
[2] From ISO20700:2017 3.11
[3] From ICMCI CMC Certification Scheme Manual
[4] From ISO20700:2017 3.8, 3.11
[5] From ICMCI CMC Certification Scheme Manual (paraphrased) & ISO 20700:2017



IMC is dedicated to promoting excellence and integrity in the management consulting profession, to improve the knowledge and skill of management consultants with respect to their roles, duties and responsibilities and to encourage and require the highest professional standards and ethics among management consultants. As such, we are committed to ensuring that we lead by example in how our organisation is governed.

IMC is Public Company Limited by Guarantee and is governed by a Board of Directors.

The IMC Board consists of Chapter nominees and Board appointed Directors.

A support team assist the Board to achieve the IMC Strategic Plan and to support the Chapters and Members.

IMC Chapters operate in ACT, NSW, QLD, SA/NT, VIC/TAS and WA.

IMC Constitution

The IMC Constitution is our core governing document and provides the rules for our company structure and operations.

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IMC By Laws

The IMC Membership By Laws set out the procedures, responsibilities, structure and processes for admission to and administration of membership of the Institute of Management Consultants.

Download IMC By Laws (.pdf)

The IMC Board and Chapter Nominations By Laws outline the rules for the nomination of candidates and the conduct of elections for the elected Chapter Committee positions, and the nomination of the Board Chapter Directors by Chapter Committees.

Download IMC Nominations By Laws (.pdf)

All Professional Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) members (AIMC, MIMC, FIMC) are required to undertake 60 units of Professional Development (‘CPD’) over each rolling three-year cycle for the duration of their membership (‘CPD requirement’) as set out in the IMC – Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirements By Law.

Download IMC CPD By Laws (.pdf)

IMC Board Code of Conduct Policy

The Board Code of Conduct Policy outlines the type of behaviour IMC requires from its board members while involved in any activity relating to IMC.

Download IMC Board Code of Conduct Policy (.pdf)

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