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How To Value Your Consultancy


How To Value Your Consultancy Business

IMC Learning & Development Strategy 2024


IMC Learning & Development Strategy 2024 – MEMBERS


KPIs your consulting firm should be tracking in 2024


Are you looking for a way to track and optimize your consulting firm’s performance? Do you want to know which key performance indicators (KPIs) matter most for your business? Do you need practical tips on how to set, measure, and improve your KPIs?

Whether you’re seasoned in tracking KPIs, or just getting started, this webinar is for you. Join Deltek and the IMC as we discuss best practices on how to track KPIs and which ones to focus on in 2024.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How tracking KPIs can benefit your firm’s profitability and efficiencies
  • Which KPIs to establish across your projects will set your firm up for financial success
  • How to align KPIs to business goals to drive future strategic plans

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Rebuilding Trust: Next Steps for Management Consultants


Panel Forum: Hear from thought leaders Dr George Beaton, Dr Malcolm Johnson, Peta Sigley and Peter Westlund
in a response to the current Commonwealth Senate Finance and Public Administration References Committee Inquiry into
the management and assurance of integrity by Consulting Services.

Topics included in the forum are:

  • What we know about trust, being trusted and trustworthiness in professional services
  • Defining and measuring Trust
  • Leadership trust as a KPI for business profitability
  • Personal & professional integrity – character based values
  • The IMC approach to ethics and professional behaviour
  • Managing management consulting practices for integrity

Duration: 1 hour 54 minutes

Profitable Pathways to Net Zero


IMC Member Dr Neil Thompson’s “Profitable Pathways to Net Zero” webinar offers insight into how consultants can assist their clients in developing more cost-effective and practical pathways to net zero using best practice design, funding and procurement methods from the aerospace and automotive industries. Neil shares some of the findings of current research being undertaken by the Future Energy Export Cooperative Research Centre into the common elements of the net zero strategies of top performing ASX200 companies who have reimagined their businesses to improve profits whilst at the same time decarbonising their products and services.

Developing an Agile Supply Chain in the COVID 19 Context



IMC Innovation in Consulting New Ways – Webinar Recording



Craig Peacock is a Certified Management Consultant, a fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, and a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

As a successful strategic business planning consultant, Craig understands the challenges that organisations have to navigate, in the face of disruptive change in their industry and sector. Craig conducts Australian and international research on Innovation and Strategy and is with us today with his latest research which has identified the key strategies, capabilities and innovation toolkits of highly – innovative – organisations.


John Downes is a 30 year, internationally experienced, former big 4 consulting partner. His passion is helping the owners of medium sized businesses be the best that they can be. He does this through strategy and accountability.

John is also currently obsessed with helping Australian businesses survive COVID-19.

In this presentation, Craig and John will deliver a number of exciting new strategies and tools that consultants are using with businesses to challenge their current operations and service offerings to pivot faster and more effectively.

These will be tools and tips that you can learn and apply in your own business and use with your clients in this high-opportunity, COVID-19 environment.

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IMC National – Webinar – Change Leadership – Showing the Way




After coming from a successful career in Financial Services as an Accountant, Financial Planner and Business Coach, and having watched so many battle through their days with frustration, fear and procrastination, it is now Wayne’s drive to develop specific programs that reached out to the corporate market to assist them with removing their limitations so they could reach their full potential.

There is a magic in harnessing the power of the mind and teaching business owners to be unruffled and in control.

In this presentation, learn to close more sales, get more business and guarantee your growth, by leveraging belief of your clients in you. Learn how to condition your clients to know their relationship with you is the best thing for their business.

These will be tools and tips that you can learn and apply in your own business and use with your clients in this high opportunity, COVID19 environment.

Webinar Recording – EBSCO – research at hand