IMC Innovation in Consulting New Ways – Webinar Recording


Craig Peacock is a Certified Management Consultant, a fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, and a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

As a successful strategic business planning consultant, Craig understands the challenges that organisations have to navigate, in the face of disruptive change in their industry and sector. Craig conducts Australian and international research on Innovation and Strategy and is with us today with his latest research which has identified the key strategies, capabilities and innovation toolkits of highly – innovative – organisations.


John Downes is a 30 year, internationally experienced, former big 4 consulting partner. His passion is helping the owners of medium sized businesses be the best that they can be. He does this through strategy and accountability.

John is also currently obsessed with helping Australian businesses survive COVID-19.

In this presentation, Craig and John will deliver a number of exciting new strategies and tools that consultants are using with businesses to challenge their current operations and service offerings to pivot faster and more effectively.

These will be tools and tips that you can learn and apply in your own business and use with your clients in this high-opportunity, COVID-19 environment.

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