First of all, welcome to Australia and welcome to the Institute of Management Consultants, the peak professional body representing Management Consultants in Australia! By having undergone the assessment process required for entry to Australia with VETASSESS, and having a University qualification, you most probably have already met the requirements for eligibility to one of the IMC’s Membership Categories, depending on the number of years of consulting experience you have, and you will have received a digital certificate which says you are eligible for IMC Membership:

The process you have completed with VETASSESS to be awarded the digital certificate means that you have already met the eligibility requirements for the membership categories of Associate Graduate, Associate, or Full Member. This also means that your Membership Application can be fast-tracked to allow you to quickly access the IMC member benefits and to become part of a local chapter and be able to network with like-minded professionals. To find out what category of IMC membership you may be eligible for, check your qualifications and work experience against this table:

IMC Membership Level and related requirement

VETASSESS Skills Assessment

ASSOCIATE GRADUATE - University graduates during the first two years of their consulting or advisory career

May meet VETASSES skills assessment requirement if the Bachelor Degree is in management or related field with at least 1 year of management consulting experience.

ASSOCIATE - Tertiary qualified, practising consultants (Internal or External), with less than 3 years' consulting experience

Meets VETASSESS requirement if the degree is in management or related field of study. If degree is unrelated, minimum 3 years of consulting experience meets VETASSESS Skills Assessment requirement

FULL MEMBER- Tertiary qualified, practising consultants (Internal or External), with at least 3 years' consulting experience. If no tertiary qualification, 8 years of consulting experience.

A bachelor’s degree is a mandatory requirement for a VETASSESS Skills Assessment.