Become a Graduate Member of the Institute of Management Consultants

What is the Graduate Young Professionals Program?

Graduate membership is a professional-level membership offered to recent university graduates during the first two years of their consulting or advisory career.

Graduate members receive all the benefits of a professional member to help you build a successful management consulting and advisory career.  It includes access to member resources, development programs and networking opportunities.

Benefits of becoming a Graduate Young Professional Member

  • Networking with other like-minded young professionals developing their careers
  • Member rates for all professional development activities and free IMC webinars to keep you up to date
  • Special deals on Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance to protect your developing reputation
  • Use of AIMC postnominals for recognised credibility amongst your peers
  • Access to resources and research for work-related projects and international networking
  • Listing in ‘Find A Consultant’ public directory – become identified for your expertise
  • Access to mentoring from senior consultants in your professional discipline

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All of this for a discounted membership fee of $150 per year (a saving of $270 per year) 

Your next step in career development

Graduate membership offers recent university graduates a professional-level membership at the reduced annual fee and without the membership application fee. This is available for two years.

After completion of your two-year graduate membership, you will automatically move to full Associate membership for one year before then qualifying for Full professional membership MIMC.

Minimum Requirements

You can apply for Graduate membership if you graduated with a relevant undergraduate degree or higher within the last two years and you are currently working as a management consultant or in a similar professional role in a consulting organisation.

You will also need to provide one reference from a sponsor who may be your employer, an IMC member of good standing, or a person with similar credentials who knows you well in a professional capacity.

Apply now

To apply for your IMC Graduate Young Professionals membership, you must:

Step 1 - Complete the Associate Graduate Membership application***, provide proof of your graduation via academic transcript, and provide a referee who can vouch for your professionalism.

Step 2 – IMC will then review your application to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and contact your sponsor or referee.

Step 3 – You will then receive a Welcome Email and membership certificate and will be contacted by your Chapter President.

Are you currently an Affiliate or Student Affiliate Member who would like to take advantage of the Graduate Your Professional membership?  Click here to inquire how to transfer your membership.


If you have questions about becoming a member or have trouble joining online, please call us on 03 8583 9002 or by email.

I have (or nearly have) graduated from my course. What membership is available to me?

Graduate membership of IMC has all the benefits of our professional membership grades but at a great introductory rate.  If your application does not meet the requirements, you will be contacted with a recommendation.

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements to become an IMC Graduate Young Professional join as an Affiliate Student or Affiliate until you are.

How long can I be a graduate member for?

Graduate Young Professionals membership is available for two years. After your two-year membership, your membership fee will automatically increase to the full rate for the final year of your 3-year Associate membership.  You will then automatically qualify for Full Professional membership. 

What payment methods can I use to pay my membership fee?

IMC accepts Visa and MasterCard when paying your annual membership fee. You can also pay over the phone (03 8583 9002) by providing your credit card details.  Please contact us here if you need any assistance.

What is the membership period?

Membership is for 12 months and is renewed as of 1 July each year. 

I am currently an Affiliate or Student Affiliate Member, can I join the Graduate Young Professionals Program? 

Yes! If you believe you meet the eligibility requirements, contact IMC and we will explain the process for upgrading your membership to Graduate Young Professionals Program.  

How do I use post-nominal letters and why should I use them?

Post-nominal letters (also known as designatory letters) are a set of letters that are included after your name to indicate your qualifications, honours or accreditation.

IMC professional members can include their IMC membership level as a post-nominal. This is a short-hand way of indicating to others that you are assessed by IMC and achieved a particular membership grade. 

The post-nominals for Graduate Young Professionals are AIMC (Associate of the Institute of Management Consultants). 

IMC encourages all professional members who are entitled to use post-nominals to do so, proudly demonstrating your professional standing and credibility, and improving your career prospects.   

Post-nominal letters are typically included on business cards, resumes and CVs and email signatures.  You may use more than one post-nominal after your name.  

How often should I update my CPD record?

IMC recommends that you update your CPD record monthly, but you may choose to update your record more regularly.  More information about updating your CPD record will be in the Welcome Pack you receive when you join.