Management Consulting: An Introduction – ANZ Edition


Management Consulting: An Introduction to the Methodologies, Tools and Techniques of the Profession – Australian and New Zealand Edition

The IMC Consulting Body of Knowledge was released in May 2012.
This essential reference consolidates information from over 125 reference books and case studies into a single, 85+ pages, invaluable guide to the profession of Management Consulting.

It includes:

  •  An introduction to the practice of management consulting,
  • The documentation of required knowledge in each of the six functional areas of management (Strategic Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Information Technology Management and Production / Operations Management),
  • The Competency Profile of the Certified Management Consultant, and the IMC Australia Code of Professional Conduct and its Statements of Interpretation (both the Competency Profile and Code of Professional Conduct are included in the Appendices of this document).
  • Based on the CMC-Canada Consulting Body of Knowledge, this edition has been rewritten for Australia and New Zealand, to include:
  • Origins of Management Consulting in Australia,
  • A brief history of the origins of the IMC in Australia,
  • The state of the Management Consulting Industry in Australia,
  • The IMC Australia Code of Professional Conduct, and
  • Its Statements of Interpretation.