Innovation Sprint Program – develop your innovation skills!

Innovation Sprint Program - develop your innovation skills!

Innovation Sprint is a fully-remote, self-paced and online sprint where you can learn how to develop innovative ideas developed by Chase Consulting Group and is built on 20 years of experience and best practice research into high innovation organisations.

Chase Consulting Group have made this program available at a 20% discount for all professional IMC members (AIMC, MIMC and FIMC). Click here to learn more.

Click here to view The Innovation Sprint explainer video.

The Innovation Sprint develops ideas for new products, technologies, services and business models, and is suitable for social impact ideas and business ideas.

For the sprint to be successful, you should expect to invest three to six hours of your time viewing the instructional videos and completing the innovation work. You can progress at your own pace and have up to 60 days to develop and strengthen your business ideas.

You'll walk away from Innovation Sprint with:

  • The ability to develop a good idea into a strong business idea.
  • The Innovation Sprint Canvas for your business idea
  • A toolbox of skills to systematically develop solid business opportunities and select those with the highest potential for innovation
  • First-hand knowledge and practical application examples from successful innovations
  • A deeper understanding of how to identify, develop, test and validate business ideas

Designed for individuals and teams who want to build their business ideas using the principles of lean innovation.

The innovation sprint will benefit individuals and teams from all organisations, including organisations from the private and public sectors, and non-profit social enterprises.