ISO 20700

ISO 20700:2017 Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services, and

The ISO 20700:2017 Self-Declaration Checklist

CMC-Global (ICMCI) and its member institutes set the standards for and certify individual management consultants to set one common standard the world over, the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation. As part of its role as the self-regulatory body of the management consulting profession, CMC- Global (ICMCI) took the lead in initiating the production of the ISO 20700 Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services standard that meets the requirements of clients as well as the management consulting industry by reinforcing good consulting practices, ethical behaviour among practitioners, while focussing on outcomes. For further information on the development of ISO 20700 visit

In order to provide practical and hands on support for all management consultants in demonstrating their work according to the ISO 20700, CMC-Global has now developed a self-declaration checklist to ISO 20700:2017. The list, as well as the extent and the content of the list, are agreed individually by client and provider for each project. The list comprises approximately 50 questions that accommodate all sizes of projects according to each consulting phase and ensure common understanding between provider and recipient of the service.

ISO20700:2017 is valuable for all consultants and their clients in terms of assigning a proper structure for implementing a consulting project. The Standard is also a valuable tool for clients to assist in selecting professional providers that demonstrate good practice and empowers the client to be a partner in the consulting process.

IMC is the only body in Australia accredited to deliver the training in ISO20700:2017 Self-Declaration Checklist and will soon be scheduling training for members, non-members and clients in how to use the Checklist to achieve better project outcomes, demonstrate good practice and foster a partnering relationship between consultant and client.

Whether you are a consultant or a client, you can register your interest in the training to ensure you receive information about upcoming sessions, online and in person as soon as they are scheduled. Sessions that are planned will include:

  • Client 2-4 hour information session aims to enhance knowledge of the management consulting cycle, project management and outline the use of the Self-Declaration Checklist for better project outcomes
  • Training session for consultants who are not CMCs (members and non-members) will be 1 day and cover consultancy basics, introduction to the Standard and how to apply the Checklist
  • Training sessions for Certified Management Consultants (CMC) will be 4 hours and cover an introduction to the Standard and how to apply and use Self-Declaration Checklist.