Blockchain Hype & Myth Webinar

Blockchain has taken the world by storm since the inception of Bitcoin. While the primary interest has been in the financial and insurance industry sector Blockchain technology has wider application. This webinar will describe the technology and separate the hype from reality, looking at some innovative Blockchain applications from identity management to the Internet of Things.

Blockchain is a “shared ledger” technology meaning it can securely store multiple transactions and certify that they have occurred. This makes it ideally suited to any situation in which many transactions are occurring, particularly in a distributed environment. Authenticating users to access protected resources immediately comes to mind as a potential application of the technology. This webinar will provide an overview of Blockchain and its components and will then describe how it may be applied.

This webinar investigates:

  • the components of a Blockchain deployment,
  • current uses of the Blockchain
  • the characteristics of Blockchain technology and
  • potential application of the Blockchain.

Graham Williamson provides an overview of distributed ledger technology and its application to business challenges.