CMC Certification

Certified Management Consultant (CMC) is a competency-based management consultant certification scheme open to full members of IMC. It is an internationally recognized certification recognized in 58 countries and is conferred by Management Consulting Institutes that are members of CMC-Global (ICMCI), the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.  IMC Australia is a founding member of CMC-Global and has sole responsibility of awarding CMC status in Australia.


Many professionals of differing disciplines identify themselves as management consultants.  Often profession leaders who have worked directly in an industry will make the move to set-up a practice delivering management advice to that and related industries.  A select number of these consultants decide to certify themselves with the CMC designation.  Practitioners who carry the CMC mark set themselves apart in the marketplace, and with their clients, as professional management consultants.

The CMC mark provides clients with the confidence that they have engaged a professional who will deliver the highest level of management consulting through assurance that the management consultant has:

  • Completed a rigorous certification process
  • A record of successful assignments
  • The endorsement of recognised practitioners
  • Demonstrated an ongoing commitment to management consulting as a both a profession and a career
  • A record of continuing professional development
  • Committed to the IMC Code of Ethics. 


  • Awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants
  • Credibility with Clients
  • Membership of the global management consulting community
  • Route for engagement with the Profession outside of your own practice
  • Demonstrates a commitment to ongoing Professional Development\Provides a competitive edge through CMC post-nominals
  • Internationally portable award with recognition in over 50 countries.


To be eligible to apply, you must meet the strict certification requirements of the CMC Standard and demonstrate:

  1. Continuous practice as a management consultant during the last three years
  2. Relevant qualifications and experience in your professional field:
    1. A relevant professional or academic qualification (degree level or higher), or
    2. Relevant experience gained in consulting or managerial roles in your primary area of technical specialisation, or
    3. An unrelated first degree followed by an accredited development program over a minimum of a twelve month period
  3. Competence against all areas in the Competency Framework
  4. Clients who value your contribution, delivery and impact you make to their business
  5. Full current professional membership of IMC (MIMC or FIMC) and adherence to the Code of Ethics and Consultant’s Pledge

Application Process

In order to apply for assessment for CMC certification, you need to:

  1. You should ensure that you are very familiar with the three elements of the Standard:
    1. the CMC Competence Framework.  (Download below)
    2. the ICMCI Common Body of Knowledge. (Download below)
    3. the IMC Code of Professional Conduct.
  2. Be a current, Full Professional (MIMC or FMIC) financial member of the Institute of good standing and character. (Associates and Affiliates are not eligible)
  3. Complete the online CMC Application including summaries of three (3) recent management consulting projects including client referee details.
  4. Pay the Application Fee of $632.50 to submit your application for assessment.
Click here to download the ICMCI CMC002 Competence Framework version 4.0
Click here to download the ICMCI CMC004 Common Body of Knowledge Version 4.0.

Assessment Process

CMC is a competency-based qualification which requires you to demonstrate sufficient, relevant and timely evidence of your competency as a management consultant. The assessment process will test your competency against the CMC Standard Competence Framework.

The assessment process comprises the following steps:

  1. Review of completed application by CMC Chair to check your eligibility
  2. Application forwarded to Assessment Panel comprising Chief Assessor and a Chapter CMC for assessment by:
    1. Assessment interview including a 10-15 minute candidate presentation
    2. Conducting two client referee checks
  3. Review of all evidence against the Competency Framework by the Assessment Panel to ensure a minimum of two (2) forms of evidence for each competency area as required by CMC-Global preferred methods
  4. Recommendation to CMC Chair by Assessment Panel
  5. Award of CMC by CMC Chair on behalf of IMC endorsed by the Board

Start your CMC Application

Current professional members of the IMC – MIMC and FIMC – who meet the eligibility requirements stated above can access the online CMC application portal.

Apply for CMC

IMC Body of Knowledge

Management Consulting: An Introduction - ANZ Edition

Management Consulting: An Introduction to the Methodologies, Tools and Techniques of the Profession - Australian and New Zealand Edition

The IMC Consulting Body of Knowledge was released in May 2012.
This essential reference consolidates information from over 125 reference books and case studies into a single, 85+ pages, invaluable guide to the profession of Management Consulting. It includes:
- an introduction to the practice of management consulting,
- the documentation of required knowledge in each of the six functional areas of management (Strategic Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Information Technology Management and Production / Operations Management),
- the Competency Profile of the Certified Management Consultant, and the IMC Australia Code of Professional Conduct and its Statements of Interpretation (both the Competency Profile and Code of Professional Conduct are included in the Appendices of this document).
Based on the CMC-Canada Consulting Body of Knowledge, this edition has been rewritten for Australia and New Zealand, to include:
- Origins of Management Consulting in Australia,
- A brief history of the origins of the IMC in Australia,
- The state of the Management Consulting Industry in Australia,
- The IMC Australia Code of Professional Conduct, and
- Its Statements of Interpretation.