Using Management Consultants

Management consultants offer a range of qualities which are valuable to managers:


Consultants usually specialise in an identified area of business, such as strategy, Total Quality Management, or marketing.  They may also practise in a specific industry, such as food processing, utilities or tourism.


Most consultants have had experience as managers and this, together with their consulting experience, makes them highly valuable as advisers.


Consultants can bring to your business an objectivity which you may not be able to achieve with your own people.

Why engage an IMC Consultant?

When choosing an accountant, engineer, doctor or lawyer you would expect them to have been accepted for membership by their professional associations, assuring you of their ability to meet minimum levels of professional competence.

You should expect the same from your management consultant!

IMC management consultants undergo a rigorous selection process to gain membership. The process requires:

  • Clear evidence of having practiced as a management consultant for a minimum number of years,
  • Clear evidence that they currently practice as a management consultant for a minimum of 1200 hours per year,
  • Supporting evidence from at least two referees who must be current or past clients of the candidate, and
  • Agreement to abide by the Institute's Code of Ethics.

IMC management consultants can be engaged for a wide range of activities.  They bring with them technical skills, breadth of experience and the ability to deal with the vital human side of change management and implementation.