Key take outs from the symposium include:

  What’s likely to happen next?

  What works and doesn’t?

  Key lead generation skills and techniques,

  How to differentiate from the masses,

  Be the top 1% in Australia, and

  Actions for your practice on Monday.

Session themes include:

  Beyond Covid-19: What to expect and the hot opportunities,

  Re-building your pipeline: How to attract leads,

  Proven ways to build credibility and conversion, and

  Standing out from the crowd: Testimonials, Books, Webinars, CMC and ISO 20700.

Warwick Merry CSP, CVP: Event Host
Australia’s Leading Online Event Host
With years of hosting events, using technology for events and being surrounded by event professionals, Warwick will wow and entertain us. He knows what it takes for an event to be a success. Add that technology and he takes your event online. It's more intimate, more effective, healthier and has a better ROI/ROE/ROO. With background in IT, Radio, Theatre, Events, Podcasting and Acting, he is ideally positioned as an Online Host, Presenter and Facilitator,

Dwight Mihalicz MBA, FCMC: Global Consulting Turbulence
Chair CMC Global. International Speaker, Author, and Management Consultant 
What are the two key streams of turbulence that consultants are facing right now as we experience global recession? As Chair of CMC Global, Dwight has been studying all of our peer Institutes around the world to distil just this question. And find the solutions!
Dwight also runs Leadership Development and HR consulting practice in Ottawa, Canada

Morris Miselowski: Consulting Reimagined for a Post COVID era
Global Thinker | Agent Provocateur | Business Futurist | Optimist | Human-Centric

Morris will show us what is over the horizon beyond the immediate COVID-19 threat: Is there a need for consultant’s in the future? If so, what is the role of a human consultant when technology has just proven it can inform, advise, prognose, prompt, provide rapid real time adjustment and hold us accountable? What may tomorrow’s clients want and need? What alternate consulting models, methods and practices may there be? Among futurists he has a reputation for being the ‘real deal,’ which has earnt him a position in the Einstein 100 Genius (G100) community.

Dave Staughton CSP: Thriving in a tough economy
Consultant & Business Growth Expert, Award-Winning Symposium Speaker, Australia's Expert on Small Business Growth All Year Round

“Big Dave” Staughton is Australia’s Expert on Small Business Growth during tough & turbulent times. 

He is an award-winning businessman & symposium speaker who is an expert at growing smaller businesses, and Associations. Dave will work us through how to drive our pipelines in a tough market preceding our workshops on what works, what doesn’t, and how to differentiate yourself from the masses. Take away actionable tips to apply Monday!

Dianne Semmens & Panel: Standing out in a flooded market
Award Winning Founder and Business Improvement Consultant at Acacia Consulting Services

Dianne’s 12-person myob technology solutions business drives performance improvement across manufacturers distributors, education and not for profits. 
Dianne will host a forum of panellists, each sharing what has worked for them in building their businesses during COVID-19 as examples of what you can do to distinguish yourself from the masses of uncertified and / or new entrants in our market.

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