Membership is available to Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents living in Australia.

To lodge your application please have the following information ready: 

  1. Your current CV with employment history for the last 5 years
  2. Electronic copies (PDF) of each of your Qualifications, Accreditations, Certifications, etc. 
  3. Names and details of three referees who have witnessed your professional experience – name, position, organisation, mobile and email contact details
  4. Credit card details for payment of Membership and once-off Application Fee 

To complete your Membership Application once logged in:

In the section "2 Application" complete all TABS:

  • Background - N.B. Date of Birth is a required field
  • Consulting - where you tell us about the time you have been a consultant
  • Currently - where you select the type of Consultant you are currently practicing as
  • CV - upload a PDF of your current CV
  • Employment - enter your Employment History (for at least the last 5 years, including those who are self-employed)
  • Memberships - what other Professional Bodies do you belong to?
  • Qualifications - add Qualifications and upload a PDF showing proof of completion
  • Referees - add three (3) professional Referees

In the section "3 Declaration" click on the pencil to edit each declaration.  You must answer "Yes" to each.

In the section "4 Membership Fee" the appropriate fees will be calculated for you, having regard to when you are joining.  The IMC runs a financial year to 30 June at which time memberships are renewed.  Initially you will be allocated to the "Provisional Members" chapter until your application has been reviewed and approved.

Your membership will be Provisional until approved. Provisional members are eligible for Member discounts but Member Benefits do not apply until membership is finally approved.

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