Reflections on ‘Harnessing Technology – the Future of Consulting’ – 2021 Asia Pacific CMC-Global Hub Meeting 27 May 2021

Tonight I had the pleasure of joining an ICMCI Webinar of CMC’s and subject matter experts from the global network, covering some information technology based enabling developments that management consultants may be facing with their current and prospective clients.
It was clear by the diverse international members, some 59, that there was much interest but also the Zoom Chat showed where members sought clarification, and how these members could use such learnings from such noted speakers in their consultancies and advisory services.
It was evident that not all members were in need of embracing such IT enabled transformation approaches like Blockchain, Distributed Ledger and Artificial Intelligence. The Internet of Things and ‘Tokenisation’ of financial transfers was enlightening and pertinent to what we face in Australia and New Zealand.
The recent Cybersecurity and hacking we have seen with the US Colonial Pipeline and earlier Solar Winds were discussed. So it was with some trepidation and affirmation that members need to get expert advice, as offering such to our prospects and clients has both opportunities but risks.
The ISO 20700 Guidelines came up for discussion from our colleagues and the surveillance ‘audits’ / re-evaluation of ICMCI is due in 2022. So the use of the Checklist was a construct for members to consider when developing an assignment scope / terms of reference for an engagement that needed to include such IT enabled services.
The diverse range of consultants, their industries serviced and experience was on display and the Chat showed and sought responses from these international experts, professors and noted authors with insightful answers and approaches members can consider for application in their businesses.
It was recognised that we do not have all the answers and that collaboration and alliances of partners with such IT expertise should be explored and sought to best place such experts in front of the client as and when required. IT is moving fast. The mergers and acquisition of firms was evident and especially those that were Fortune 500 just 10 years ago are different and growing in capitalisation.
I was able to share the Australian experience as in Changi Airport Singapore and how there was some IT support and enablers especially for Police, Customs, Immigration and Security around the 1988 Seoul Olympics and that today, the need for customer service is still required but IT, AI, IoT and international traceability, especially with the COVID 19 Pandemic, it is a different client landscape and context.
We had our NZ Members joining the webinar and it was interesting to hear theirs and others views of the markets they serve and how IT is affecting what services, products, research, business models and other offerings we need to keep abreast of and be cognizant, not necessarily as an expert, but learned and across such in order to know what to scope and reflect in the ISO 20700 assignment checklist with which we are familiar.
Managing Director
McLean Management Consultants Pty Ltd
Michael McLean is also a Director of IMC.