Certified Management Consultant CMC

Certified Management Consultant (CMC) is a competency-based management consultant certification scheme open to full members of IMC. It is an internationally recognized certification recognized in 58 countries and is conferred by Management Consulting Institutes that are members of CMC-Global (ICMCI), the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.  IMC Australia is a founding member of CMC-Global and has sole responsibility of awarding CMC status in Australia.

ISO 20700:2017 Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services

CMC- Global (ICMCI) took the lead in initiating the production of the ISO 20700 Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services standard that meets the requirements of clients as well as the management consulting industry by reinforcing good consulting practices, ethical behaviour among practitioners, while focussing on outcomes. For further information on the development of ISO 20700 visit https://www.iso20700.org/.